Our Solution

We have a different approach to meet workers’ changing needs while increasing the labor pool, retention, profitability, and loyalty for the companies where they work. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Our Solution: enterprise labor sharing.

There are three labor-sharing models:

  1. Workers share their talents across multiple store locations within the same brand
  2. Workers share their talents across multiple brands within the same enterprise
  3. Workers share their talents across multiple enterprises.


It’s time to toss the back-office bulletin board where schedules are posted. OptIn gives each worker a mobile-friendly, consolidated schedule across multiple roles, brands, and locations. Our app also allows workers to pick up open shifts. Plus, managers and workers can communicate directly through the app, boosting accountability and engagement.

“OptIn helps part-time workers easily find additional work opportunities. It’s solving for an issue that so many brands have, but no one has figured out … until now.”

Tim Crow / OptIn Advisor
Former Chief Human Resources Officer, The Home Depot